The topography of the district is generally undulating with summits averaging 153 metres above sea level (500ft). There is a good network of rivers and streams, which include the Tano and Ankobra rivers. These rivers serve as sources of water for domestic and farming (irrigation) purposes,especially for vegetable farmers during the dry season.

Geology and mineral resources.

The Amenfi West Municipal lies geologically within the Ghanaian Shield Area which consists of the lower proterozoic volcanic and the flyschoidmetasediments of the birimian system.

The district is associated with part of the gold belt, namely Asankrangwa – Manso - Nkwanta, which is associated with the birimian rocks. The main mineral found in the district is gold.


Soil Two major soil types are identified in the district. These are the forest ochrosol - oxysols and oxysols. These soils support the cultivation of tree crops like coffee, oil palm, rubber, cola and cocoa. Foodcrops like plantain, cassava, maize, rice, tomatoes, pepper and garden eggs also do well with these types of soil. Large enclaves of clay deposits are also available in the district.



Three types of vegetation cover are found in the Amenfi West Municipal. These are the semi-deciduous forest found in the northern part, the tropical rainforest to the south where rainfall is heaviest and the transitional zone situated between the two. The district has forest reserves covering a total area of 64,242.81 hectares, which include Bura, Angoben and Totua Forest reserves.



The Muincipal falls within the wettest parts of the country. Average annual rainfall tapers off from 173mm at the south to 140mm at the north. The district experiences bi-modal rainy season, i.e.,March to July and September to early December. Two dry spells separate the seasons (December to February and in August in terms of range and intensity). Temperatures are generally high,ranging from 240Cto 290C (750F-830F). Maximum temperatures are recorded in March and the minimum in August. The climate of the district is suitable for the growing of various cash and food crops.



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