The cultural practices and characteristics of the Amenfi West district are not different from other Akan settlements. Traditions have it that the people of the district are a mixture of migrants from Akwamu, Ashanti, Assin and the I vory Coast. There is a sizeable proportion of settler farmers like Ewes, Akwapims, Krobos, Gomoans, Northerners and Brongs. 

These settler tribes are often found in cocoa plantations and food crop farming on minor basis. The yam festival is celebrated to herald the harvest of the water yam. Like other Akan settlements, inheritance is through the materineal lineage whilst funerals, chieftaincy and marriage rites are purely of Akan origins. Every third Friday of the month is observed as taboo day and no one is supposed to go to farm. This is referred to as Adum. Like other Akan groups there are five (5) notable clans namely: Agona, Abrade, Asona, Bretuo and Ahene

Tourism Attractions

The district has strong potential for tourism as well. The main tourist attraction in the district is the large expanse of virgin tropical evergreen forests, with a great diversity of flora and fauna.The many rivers and steams that drain the district add beauty to the environment. Other potential tourist centres include the Brose Natural Lake at Brose near Nkonya and features of a human resemblance granite near Wassa Dunkwa.

Added to these are the two expatriate timber firms, SAMARTEX and Swiss Lumber Company at Samreboi and Manso Amenfi respectively. All these attractions are serviced by hotels and guest houses. There are also the Yam Festival at Asankrangwa and Edie Festival at Wasa Akropong and Adjakaa Manso.

The District Assembly is seeking partners to develop the district’s many tourist attractions.Investors would also do well to take advantage of the district’s investment potential and enjoy the full co-operation of the District Assembly.


Date Created : 11/17/2017 3:16:33 AM