Financial institutions


There are two rural/community banks in the District with branches within the District. The banks are the Suma Rural Bank Limited with its headquarters at Suma-Ahenkro and branches at Sampa and Goka whilst the other rural bank, the Nafana Rural Bank Limited at Sampa has no branch.

There is however, no Commercial Bank in the District. The nearest Commercial Bank is located 45km away at Drobo which makes it difficult and costly to deal with Commercial Banks. Efforts are being made by the Assembly for establishment of a branch of Ghana Commercial Bank in the District.

Non Banking Financial Institutions (Credit Unions)

Aside the banking financial institutions, there are number of vibrant Co-operative Credit Unions operating alongside the banks in the district. They are the O.L.F. Co-op. Credit Union at Sampa, Yanina Presby Co-op. Credit Union at Duadaso No1, Asiri Community Farmers’ Co-op. Credit Union, Wasara Community Co-op.

Credit Union at Kabile, Duadaso No.2 Community Co-op. Credit Union and Kokoa Community Co-op. Credit Union. The membership contributions ranges between ¢960m to ¢1.7b whilst total loans granted as at June 30th 2006 ranges between ¢481.5m to ¢1.2b.

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