Jaman North District records low market turnout.
The biggest market in the Jaman North District has been the Sampa market which normally falls on Mondays apart from the normal market days.

Date Created : 4/15/2020 6:42:32 AM : Story Author : Michael Boahen/

The said market hosts people from Ivory Coast, Kumase and other places. However, after the closure of the Borders of which the district is a victim due to COVID-19 although the district has NOT recorded any case although 8 people were quarantined from unapproved roots into the district, it has negatively affected the market in the district.

A routine check-up by the outfit of the ISD office in the market really indicated that traders whom the outfit interviewed behind closed doors stated that, their products are not purchased as compared to the previous days.

According to Aunty Suzzany Anto who has traveled all the way from Beremkum to trade, she has not made any sales as at the time our outfit visited the market around 11:09 am.

A customer also told the outfit that, prices of commodities in the market have totally been increased and she attributed that to the local increment.