Let’s participate in the fight against violent extremism- NCCE
The National Commission for Civic Education, NCCE of Jaman North District Office in Bono region has engaged the people of Kabile at the Kabile Market square on the need to Prevent and Contain Violent Extremist through promotion of social cohesion, peace and tolerance.

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Speaking at the event, Mr. Oscar Kwabena Donkor, the District Director stated that the purpose of the engagement was to sensitize the community on “Preventing and Containing Violent Extremism’’ (PCVE) in the five (5) northern regions and three (3) regions that share borders with the northern part of Ghana. He stressed on the role the European Union (EU) is playing in supporting this sensitization programme.

Interacting with the participants, Mr. Donkor said that the recent threats and actual occurrence of violent extremism and terrorism acts in our neighboring countries is a serious concern to our peace and security as a nation.

He outlined some triggers of violent extremism such as chieftaincy disputes, ethnic conflicts, political polarization, land/boundary disputes, injustice or abuse of human rights, social marginalization, unemployment, poverty and religious intolerance.

He underscored the gravity of these triggers and how they can undermine the peace and safety in our communities.

Mr. Donkor further stated that, violent extremism and terrorism pose a great danger to the survival of our young democracy and chronicled its effects including loss of lives, destruction of property; destabilizing all activities and development as some of its effects.

He added that allowing violent extremism to fester would abruptly bring the distribution of basic needs or necessities of life and social services to an end.

However, Ghana can develop and our lives improve if we continue to preserve the peace, sanctity and vigorously pursue the promotion of peaceful coexistence and tolerance in the country.

Mr. Donkor appealed to the people to eschew their differences and encouraged all to result to the societal laid down structures in resolving conflicts and misunderstanding as a measure of preventing violent extremism and terrorism.

He reiterated the need to adhere to the dictates of Article 35 (5) of the 1992 Constitution and urged all to come together as the fight against violent extremism and terrorism can only be won through a concerted effort. He further stated that peace and inter-faith tolerance must be prioritized by all to help fight against violent extremists and terrorist groups.

In attendance was Mr. Daniel Okrah, the Programmes Officer NCCE Jaman north district. He cautioned the people to be extremely vigilant and prioritize their own security by taking responsibility since no one or security agency can be more responsible for their safety and security than the individuals themselves.

He added that, nobody was born as an extremist or terrorist but rather some negative behaviours of persons or society’s treatment toward others result in most of these transformations. He urged the participants to “dialogue with other persons and to respect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interest of others, and generally to refrain from doing acts detrimental to the welfare of other persons as stated in Article 41 (d) of the 1992 Constitution”. This will help prevent the narratives, he said.

There is no single route to radicalization, he said, but explain some behaviours of person as signs to guide us identify a possible radicalization influences: isolation from friends and family, being secretive and reluctant to discuss their where about, talking often as if from a scripted speech, obsessive or anger desire for change, spending an increasing amount of time online and sharing extremist views on social media.

He encouraged participants to be security conscious and volunteer information either to their chiefs, community elders, assemblyman, pastors, imams or security agencies on suspicious activities and characters of violent extremism and radicalized individuals.

In conclusion, Mr. Daniel Okrah urged the community folks to participate in the upcoming district level elections. He added that the youth, women and persons with disability should be encouraged and supported by the community to avail themselves to be voted upon for the positions in the local government structure.

The chiefs, community elders and the assemblyman together with the community folks thanked the commission for reaching out to them with such an insightful sensitization programme.