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 Location and size

The Upper Manya Krobo District (UMKD) with an altitude of 457.5m is located at the north-eastern corner of the Eastern Region of Ghana and lies between latitudes 6.2-6.50N and Longitudes 0.3 - 0.00 W of the Greenwich Meridian.

The district shares common boundaries with the following districts; to the North, Afram Plains, to the south east, Lower Manya Krobo, to the south west, Yilo Krobo District, to the east Asuogyaman District and to the west Fanteakwa District. It covers an area of 859.1 square kilometers constituting 4.6 percent of the total land area of the Eastern Region of Ghana (19,323km2).

Climate and drainage

The district lies within the semi-equatorial climate belt with a mean annual rainfall ranging between 900mm to 1,500mm (Ghana Meteorological Service). Relative humidity is high during the wet season and low in the dry season. The district experiences two major seasons, namely dry and wet seasons.

April to early August as well as September to October is the wet season whereas the dry and warm season is experienced from November to March. November to December is usually dry and characterized by high temperatures during the day and early morning moist / fog and cold weather conditions. Temperatures are generally high with average temperatures ranging between 26oC to 32oC. The pattern of temperature, winds, and rainfall distribution in the district presents a climate that is conducive for agricultural production throughout the year.

Vegetation and soil

The district lies within the semi-deciduous forest and savanna zone. Trees commonly found include the Dawadawa, Palm, Mango, Ceiba, Neem, and Acacia These trees are of varying sizes and are dispersed in the midst of secondary forest and perennial grasses with associated herbs. The vegetation is gradually being degraded because of overdependence on it for daily livelihood activities such as charcoal production and farming as well as lumbering.


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