Industry is defined as the type of activity carried out by the enterprise where a person is working or the type of product produced or services rendered at the respondent’s workplace. Information was collected only on the main product produced or service rendered in the establishment during the reference period.

Table 4.4 presents the industry of employment for the employed population 15 years and older in the Upper Denkyira West District. The Agriculture, forestry and fishing industry is the largest in the District, engaging 71.1 percent of the employed population. Next to that industry are the Mining and quarrying (8.6%) and wholesale and retail, repair of motor 38

vehicles and motorcycles (5.8%). The education and manufacturing industries each employ one out of seven persons. The real estate industry is yet to penetrate the District.

The data further shows that whiles the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry engages slightly more females (72.7%) than males (70.7%), the reverse is seen in the mining and quarrying industry. More than twice the proportion of females, (3.8%) than males (13.0%) is engaged. The female dominance is observed in the wholesale and retail industry with 8.4 percent of all employed females 15 years and older relative to 3.4 percent males.

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