Education There are 103 pre-schools, 123 primary schools 57 Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) and 2 Senior Secondary Schools (SSS). These comprise both public and private institutions, see table 1.6. There has beer a major improvement in the school buildings over the years. The schools have been strategically located to serve more than one community in most cases. Toilet facilities have been provided for most schools.

There are a total of 845 teachers in pre-school, primary school and JSS. Among these teachers 51 percent is trained, while 49 percent is untrained. Of the trained teachers almost eighty percent are males. In total 68 percent of the teachers are males, while 32 percent are females. 

The number of trained teachers in the district is not adequate. As a result, the district assembly has been sponsoring the training of teachers who are bonded to serve in the district for three years after their training. Teachers do not want to accept postings to remote places where there is no electricity, potable water, accommodation and telephone facilities. The existence of the black flies is another disincentive. 

There is also inadequate teaching and learning materials and in some communities, pupils and parents have bad attitudes towards education, which results in high dropout rates. The enrolment figures for schools at all levels have been presented in the table below. The preschools have more girls than boys but the trend changes as they go higher.

An analysis of the number of pupils and teachers in the district shows a pupil / teacher ratio of 1:38.6 for KG, 1: 51.1 for primary school and 1:20 for JSS. The pupil teacher ratio at all levels in 2005 is 1:42.3. The situation for pre-school and JSS is satisfactory, but for primary school the ratio is rather high and exceeds the standard of 35 pupils to a teacher. The dropout rates in the KG and primary schools are 2 and 10.4 percent respectively. That for JSS is as high as 41.9 percent, ail in the year 2005. The average dropout rate at all levels is 14.5 percent.


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