Traditional setup

The chieftaincy institution as well as the traditional set up in the district is well revered and structured. The Sagnari-Naa, who is usually installed by the Yaa Naa, is the chief with the highest authority in the district. There are twelve (12) other sub-chiefs under the Sagnari-Naa to whom these sub-chiefs owe allegiance.


The Sagnarigu District is ethnically diverse. The Dagomba, however, is the main ethnic group in the district. Other ethnic groups are Gonja, Mamprusi, Akan, Dagaaba from the Northern Region and other parts of Ghana. In addition, there are other ethnic groups from countries in the West African Region such as Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali among others.

Religious composition

The major religions in the district are Islam (which is the dominant religion), Christianity and Traditional religions. The Dagomba (the dominant ethnic group in the district) are predominantly Muslims while the rest of the ethnic groups who come from other regions of the country but reside in the district are largely Christians.


Festivals are very important events in the calendar of the Sagnarigu District. Like many other districts in the Northern Region, Sagnarigu District boasts of a variety of festivals. The most prominent ones are the Damba (which locally means Fire) and the two (2) Eid festivals celebrated by the Muslim majority in the district


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