The vision of the Techiman North District Assembly is to alleviate poverty and transform its local economy into a vibrant and developed enclave.



The Techiman North District Assembly exists to improve the quality of life of the people through effective mobilization and utilization of human and material resources by involving the people in the decision making process and the provision of the needed services.


Functions of the Assembly

The detailed functions of the Assembly and for that matter all other MMDAs are enshrined in the Local Government Act 1993, Act 462. Among others, the District Assembly exercises political and administrative authority in the district, provides guidance, gives direction to, and supervises the administrative authorities in the district.


Also, the district assembly performs deliberative, legislative and executive functions.


The District Assembly is also responsible for the preparation and approval of its annual development plans and budget.


The Assembly performs physical planning functions and also management of public solid and liquid waste.




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