Bono East Health Directorate launches GIFT sensitisation programme

The Bono East Regional Health Directorate has encouraged pregnant women and girls to actively subscribe to the daily intake of iron-folate supplement tablets to boost their blood levels.

Date Created : 3/20/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Jerry Azanduna/

This, it said, would also help address anemia in girls, especially between the ages of 10 to 19 years, and correct spina bifida in pregnant mothers.

The encouragement was given during the regional launch of the Girls’ Iron-Folate Tablets Supplement (GIFTS) sensitisation programme organised by the Regional Health Directorate at Tuobodom, in the Techiman North District of the region.

The Directorate is implementing the programme through District Market and Schools' Campaign, to sensitise schoolgirls and market women on the need for the constant intake of this tablet to boost their haemoglobin levels to prevent anemic conditions among this key group of females.

Madam Leticia Bayor, the Regional Nutrition Officer, said the campaign, which started in 2017 and was currently receiving much attention through the nutrition in schools programme, aimed at introducing the tablets to the schoolgirls.

Madam Bayor urged women and girls to discard the notion that the tablets were meant for family planning purposes, saying “it is rather for the boosting of your blood levels after losing such during menstruation or childbirth”.

She also explained that the tablets were not contraceptives as have been peddled by some people over the years, stressing that they were for the prevention of anemia and hypertension and to improve child health for human development.

Madam Theresa Kpebu, the Techiman North District Director of Education, assured the community of the Directorate’s commitment to support the programme for its successful implementation, saying it would contribute greatly to improving the brain development of females for excellent academic work among other things.

As part of the programme, there was a float by health officials from the District and Regional Health Directorates, school children and teachers from selected basic schools in the district through the principal streets of Tuobodom.