Majority of the people of the Municipality (about 65%) are engaged in agricultural production.


The technology employed in Agricultural Production in the Municipality is largely the traditional cutlass and hoe. Mechanized farming is very limited and the rate of adoption of other Agric related technologies is equally low.

Farming is entirely rain - fed as there are no irrigation facilities, and this culminates in low productivity. Access roads to farming centres are also poor thus hampering the marketing of the products. These together with the absence of storage facilities give rise to high post harvest losses.

On - Going Agric Projects

The following projects are currently on - going in the Municipality aimed at improving agriculture in the Municipality:

  1. Land and Water Management Project: It was undertaken during the previous plan period. The outcome of the project is that it has brought awareness to farmers on the need for land conservation which in turn leads to increased yields and incomes for farmers.
  2. Roots and tubers improvement project: This targets the rural poor to take advantage of high yielding cassava varieties to raise incomes and ensure domestic food security. The first phase of the project has ended and the results are availability of improved planting material and improved production. The negative effect is high post harvest losses due to lack of storage facilities and markets.
  3. Routine Control and Containment of Pests and Diseases (Anthrax, Rabies, in Large and Small Ruminants)
  4. Cross breeding of desirable small ruminants. The cross breeds are heavier and more marketable. The Assembly needs to fund this activity in the plan period in order to have desired breeds of ruminants available in the Municipality.
  5. Domestic Production of Rabbits and Grass Cutter: The project involves school children and their parents utilizing no cost growing grass to feed their rodents to produce quality meat for homes. This activity also needs to be promoted seriously in the Municipality to take advantage of the big market that exists for grasscutters in Accra, which is not too far away from the Municipality.

Date Created : 11/20/2017 6:13:56 AM