Annual Action Plan

Implementation Of Annual Action Plans


The successful implementation of activities identified in the Composite Programme of Action in the ASDA MTDP need to be extracted on yearly bases to know the activities or projects to be implemented in each year of the plan period under the various sectors and the Thematic Areas as a whole.


The annual action plans detailed the activity to be undertaken, where, by whom, at what time and at what cost. This Development Plan contains the annual plans for the four year period within which this plan will be operational.

Programmes Of Action
Development Programmes

Having analysed the District’s problems, potentials, opportunities, constraints and challenges pertaining to prioritised development issues, there was the need to formulate developments goals, objectives and strategies which are consistent with the developmental needs and aspirations of the people of the district. This chapter is devoted to generation of specific development activities or programmes that are anticipated to contribute to and promote the achievement of the development objectives and goals.


Composite Programme Of Action

Using format provided by the NDPC guidelines on the preparation of the DMTDP, the following programme of activities have been packaged under each pillar of the GSGDA.


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