There is a post office in the Municipality located at Somanya, the  capital. There are also postal agencies at Huhunya and Obawale. The district has eight maternal/child health centres, one of which is being upgraded to a health centre. As many as 12 communities have access to pipe-borne water supply. Majority of the communities still rely on surface water in the form of rivers, streams, ponds and dug-outs for their drinking water.

A few communities enjoy power from the national grid. Kerosene, fuel wood and charcoal are the principal domestic energy sources in use.There are six filling and reseller stations in the district, most of them located at Somanya. Klo-Agogo, Nkurankan, Somanya and Oterkpolu are the major market centres in the district. Klo-Agogo and Nkurankan markets are very important markets whose spheres of influence go beyond the district and even the region.

Traders travel from as far a field as Koforidua, Tema and Accra to trade in these markets. There is a commercial bank and two non-bank financial institutions in the municipality. These non-bank financial institutions are the Social Security and National Insurance Trust and the State Insurance Corporation, both located at Somanya. There are also several traditional money lenders and “susu” collectors. These provide credit facilities to their customers.

Road Network

The assembly has estimated road network coverage of 240 kilometers of both first and second-class roads. The municipality is linked to Accra, Tema, Akosombo, Ho, Koforidua and capitals of neighboring districts with good first class roads.

Utilities Services 


Pipe borne water is available in the capital (Somanya), and its environs. Other settlements rely mainly on boreholes and hand dug wells. Some too still rely on streams and ponds.


A number of communities in the district enjoy hydroelectric power. These include; Somanya, Nkurankan, Nsutapong, Klo-Akwapim, Oterpkolu, sikabeng, Obawale, Huhunya, New Somanya, Pleyo and Klo-Agogo.

Postal and Telecommunication Services

There is one Post Office and one Postal Agency located in Somanya and Obawale respectively.  Areeba services is available in Somanya, Nkurankan and Oterkpolu.




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