Literacy and Education


From the data, 86 percent of the population aged 11 years and older in the district are literate. Close to two thirds (63.7%) of the literate population are literate in English and a Ghanaian language, with 24 percent being literate in English language. The percentage of males (90%) who are literate, exceed that of females (81%).



Table 3.10 presents the education status of the population aged 3 years and older in the Nsawam Adoagyiri district in 2010. From the table, the majority (46.4%) of the population in the district currently in school are in primary schools. Those in JHS and Kindergarten form 18.2 percent and 13.6 percent respectively. Less than 10 percent of the population currently in school are in SHSs with 3.7 percent in tertiary schools. For those who have attended school in the past, the majority have attended JSS/JHS (29.1%) and middle school (24.6%). The population that has attended primary school in the past constitutes 17.6 percent while those who have attended tertiary form 7.1 percent. Slightly more males (4,285,115) have attended school in the past than females (4,108,767).

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