Administratively, there are seven circuits that serve as units for monitoring educational institutions in the district. Collectively there are 137 basic schools in the district. Primary schools dominate with 72 schools compared with 25 pre-schools and 40 Junior Secondary Schools. There is one senior Secondary School and two Technical Vocational schools in the district.

The South Tongu Education District has seven (7) circuits. It has 68 kindergarten, 90 primary, 43 Junior Secondary, 2 Senior Secondary and 1 Technical vocational schools. Table 21 in the pdf file attached shows that out of a total of one hundred and seven (107) classrooms at the Pre-School level, fifty-four (50.4%) were built with cement. The rest were of mud or were iether shed, were either shed, open air or walled pavilion. Sogakofe circuit had the highest numoer classrooms, sixteen (16), constructed of cement. As many as thirteen (13) classrooms in the Danyikpo Circuit were under sheds.

Teacher Accommodation

Teacher Accommodation (Pre-School); There is no accommodation for Pre-School teachers in the district. Table 22 shows provision of teacher accommodation for Primary School teachers. For four hundred and forty teachers (440) only four teacher accommodations were available. All the four were in use. These were located in Agave (1), Danyikpo (1) and Larve (2) circuits.

Provision of teacher accommodation for J S S teacher is shown in table 23 above. The table shows that there was only one teacher accommodation available at Larve, and it was in use. Non-Teaching Staff Accommodation: There was no staff accommodation in the district for non-teaching staff at all levels.



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