The Tolon District Assembly comprises 42 elected members and 1 appointed totaling 61 members, the District Chief Executive and two members of parliament are also members but have no voting right. It has an executive commitee. The District has 21 Member Executive Committee which is responsible for the performance of Executive and administrative functions namely, Public Relation and complaints, Environment, Justice, Security and Children Affairs.

There is a District Co-ordinating Director who is the secretary to the assembly and the head of the bureaucracy with decentralized departments: Central Administration, Finance, Education, Agriculture, Social Welfare, Community Development, Works, Co-operatives, Health, National Disaster Management Organization etc. However most of these departments lack the requisite officers, office and residential accommodation. The co-ordination between departments and developmental planning need to be improved with much community participation. The District has two (2) Town Councils and Ten (10) Area Councils. There are 45 Unit Committees and two (2) Parliamentary Constituencies.

 Administrative Setup


Sub-Committees of the Assembly include the Executive Committee, Justice and Complaints Committee, Finance and Administrative Sub-Committee Social Services Sub-Committee Agric and Environmental Sub-Committee.

Sub-District Structures

The District has two (2) Town Councils at Tolon and Kumbungu and ten (10) Area Councils at Nyankpala, Lingbunga, Gbullung, Yoggu, Voggu, Gupanarigu, Zangballung, Tali, Dalun and Kasuliyili and 56 Unit Committees. The Unit Committees have not been inaugurated yet.  All the twelve (12) Town/Area Councils are now functional, offices have been built and personnel engaged by the Assembly to man them. 411 the Town/Area Councils have been furnished.

A District where there is improved socio-economic conditions through quality education, healthy lifestyles, food security and incomes on a sustainable basis.

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