Social structure is the organized pattern of social relationships and social institutions that together constitute a society. This is the unique and stable arrangement by which institutions and human beings in a society interact and live together. It can be the way social norms shape the behaviour of the societal actors within the social system. A social structure is comprised of a society?s domestic economy, social organization, kinship, and its political economy comprising the political institutions as well as social hierarchies.

The Wasipe-wura is the overlord of the Wasipe traditional area with Daboya as both the traditional and administrative capital. The Wasipe traditional area is one of the five major divisional areas in the Gonja Kingdom (the other divisional areas are Kpembi, Bole, Kusawgu and Tulwe) The Wasipe-wura has 80 sub-chiefs, including Yazori-wura, Gbengben-wura, Mun-wura, Garima-wura who serve as Council of Elders and advise the overlord. There are also queen mothers in the chieftaincy set up such as Bru-wurche who is senior to the overlord (Wasipe-wura), Sey-wurche, and Nyankpani-wurche who help in the traditional administration of the area.

Languages, culture and ethnicity

The district is predominantly inhabited by the Gonja but there are also the Tampulma, Mamprusi, Hanga, Dagomba and Fulani. The people of the district celebrate a number of festivals, namely; Damba festival, Jintigi (Fire festival), Eidul-Fitri and Eidul-Adha. The main religious groups in the district are Islam, Traditional African Religion and Christianity.


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