Political Administration

The District Assembly is the highest political, administrative and planning authority, representing the Central Government in the District. The Legislative Instrument LI 1884 establishing the Sefwi Akontombra District Assembly was made and inaugurated on 28th February, 2008 by Local Government Act 463, 1993. The Assembly has a membership of 23 comprised 15 elected members and 5 Government appointees representing the traditional authority and organized economic groupings in the District, the Presiding Member, Member of Parliament and the District Chief Executive who is the political head of the district. The Presiding Member chairs sittings of the assembly. The District Assembly consists of 2 Area Councils with 15 Unit Committees (UCs). Each Committee is made up of 5 members. The District Assembly is also made up of 15 electoral areas with 5 under Akontombra Area Council and the remaining 10 of the electoral areas under Nsawora-Edumafua Area Council.




Date Created : 11/20/2017 4:04:38 PM