The manufacturing sector also employs a significant proportion of the work force (10%) in several small-scale businesses such as manufacturing of leather products, bricks and tiles, clay products, sachet water, metal fabrication and carpentry and joinery.

Trade and Commerce

The District has a high proportion of the workforce engaged in other industries as hotels and restaurants. The District has three prominent periodic markets. These are: Nsoatre, Chiraa, and Odumase maize markets.

(i) Nsoatre Market: This is located about 19.2 kilometers from Sunyani on the main trunk road to Berekum. Fridays are the brisk business days for the periodic market. Due to influence exerted on this market by the two major markets – Sunyani and Berekum, the volume of traded goods has reduced considerably of late. Buyers and sellers come from within and outside the District. Goods traded in the market are agricultural produce form the district and outside the District and some processed goods.

(ii) Chiraa Market: Tuesdays are used as the market days for the Chiraa periodic market. The market is not expanding at a faster rate because it is located in-between Sunyani and Techiman and is dominated by the major markets in these towns. It however provides significant services to the settlements immediately surrounding it. This indicates that the hinterlands of Chiraa depend highly on the Chiraa market for their basic essential items particularly manufactured items and fish products.

(iii) Odumase Maize Markets: These are maize markets situated at two different places which are full of business throughout the week. The maize traded are brought in from areas including Tainso, Bofourkrom, Kwatire, Adoe, Adantia, Nsasamma among others and often bought and sent to Kumasi, Accra, Tarkoradi, Cape Coast and the Northern parts of Ghana. The Odumase market could be said to reflect a stronger orientation for export than the other market in the District.


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