Political and Administrative Structure

The District has District Chief Executive (DCE) and District Coordinating Director (DCD) are respectively the political and administrative heads of the district. The district Assembly is the highest decision making body of the district. The General Assembly chaired by an elected presiding member. It is made up of fifteen (15) members including the Member of Parliament who has no voting right. It also has nine (9) elected and five (5) appointed members including the DCE.


The Executive Committee is chaired by the District Chief Executive. There are six (6) statutory sub-committees which help the Executive committee carry out its functions. These are: Finance and Administration, Development Planning, Works, Social Services, Justice and Security and Micro and Small Enterprises. There are other sub-committees which perform advisory roles and are also critical to the efficient performance of the functions of the Executive Committee. These include the District Tender Committee, the District Education Oversight Committee, Public Relations and Complaints Committee and the District Security Committee (DISEC). The DISEC is chaired by the DCE.


The district has one constituency with Nine Electoral Areas and two Area Councils. The Electoral Areas are Nanakrom, Domeabra, Nana Bullu, Nyamebekyere, Antokrom, Yaw Oparekrom, Kwasuo, Karlo and Torya. The Area Councils are Dadieso Area Council and Karlo Area Council. The Dadieso Area Council is made up of seven Electoral Areas with seven Elected Assembly Members and thirty five (35) Unit Committee Members. This brings the total unit committee membership to Forty-two (42) for the Dadieso Area Council. Out of this number, fifteen (15) members constitute a council at a time. The tenure of the members is rotational and is one year. The Karlo Area Council also has two Electoral Areas with a total membership of twelve (12) including the two elected Assembly members. All the twelve members form the council.




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