Tourism Attractions

There are various tourist attractions available in the district. There are two spectacular cultural festivals, the Damba Festival and the Fire Festival, which combine sheer splendour with plenty of pomp and pageantry. Indeed, cultural artifacts can be found all over the district. These include xylophones, calabash drums, muskets, war gowns and a lot more which serve as superb souvenirs for tourists.

The Defence wall of old Juale Kingdom is of much interest, both to cultural and historically inclined tourists. Just intriguing is the famous Kukuom Witches Shrine, which provides an exciting glimpse into the mysterious world of the supernatural. For tourists who are in tune with nature, the Nanumba North District also has several unique sights on offer.

At Natinga and Kpalugu are virgin forests virtually untouched by human activity. They, therefore, represent nature without the interference of man. At Giman are some amazing shining rocks, while there is a very interesting gorge at Juale, which has been designated as a hydro-electric site. Unfortunately, all these intriguing tourist attractions have not been properly developed in order to fulfill their full potential.

Part of the problem is the lack of high quality transportation facilities such as air-conditioned buses to convey tourists. There are hardly any hotels, neither are there recreational centres or catering services, which are required for tourists’ accommodation and relaxation. Locally, access to financial resources are limited. Therefore, investment inflows are required to develop and expand these direly needed facilities and infrastructure.

To this end, the District Assembly stands ready and willing to collaborate with investors who are interested in developing the district’s tourist attractions and its hospitality industry infrastructure. Indeed, the District Assembly is actively promoting the right environment for investors to act as the engine of economic growth in the district.

This means that development of social economic infrastructure is being accelerated and a proper legal environment, such as that for the acquisition of land, has been put in place. All these make Nanumba North District an attractive place to invest in.


Date Created : 11/18/2017 6:44:22 AM