Ada East District Assembly was established on June 2012 by LI 2130 and has 27 electoral areas with a representation each from these areas making up the Assembly and 9 members who were duly appointed by the President. Major settlements are Ada Foah, Big Ada, Kasseh, Tamatoku, Ocanseykope, Totimekope and Gorm.


These areas are coterminous with the electoral areas of the district which are being represented by 27 elected Assembly Members. Each electoral area has a five-member Unit Committee who are also elected and work hand in hand with the Assembly Members and the Traditional Authorities.


The Unit Committees are at the lowest level and form the basic unit of the Local Government Structure. The General Assembly is headed by a Presiding Member. There are three Areas Councils namely Ada Foah Area Council, Big Ada Area Council and Kasseh Area Council The District has one constituency called the Ada Constituency.


The Assembly is headed by the District Chief Executive (DCE) who is nominated by the President and approved by two-thirds majority of the Assembly. The DCE is also the head of the Executive Committee of the Assembly which reviews the sub-committee reports. The Municipal Coordinating Director coodinates all the activities of the various departments and is also the Secretary to the General House.


Increasingly, the role of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) has become notable through their advocacy for the less privileged and vulnerable members of society and provision of essential services to underserved populations and facilitate the participation of citizens in the governance process. They also with proposals, access funds for community development and also act as pressure groups. The Assembly has granted support to these groups so that they can achieve their stated objectives.


There are several NGOs which have been duly registered by the Assembly. The activities of the NGOs and CBOs are being monitored by the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development.




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