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Location and size

The Awutu Senya West District is located in the Central Region of Ghana. It covers a surface area of The Gomoa East District has dotted enclaves within the district. The southern part of the District is bounded by the Gulf of Guinea, to the east by Awutu Senya East Municipal, to the west by Gomoa East District and Agona East District, and the north-eastern part by West Akim Municipal.

Relief and drainage

The Awutu-Senya West District is characterised by isolated undulating highlands. The coastline of Senya has Lowlands with isolated hills. Two major rivers, Ayensu and Okrudu in the district drain into the sea. There are also streams and small rivers that traverse the lowland plains stretching from Winneba to the coastal plains of Senya.


The District has mean annual minimum and maximum temperatures of 22°C and 38°C, respectively. It experiences two main seasons, rainy and dry seasons. There is a major rainy season from April to July and a minor season from August to November. The dry season starts from November and ends in March. The annual rainfall figures of the district are quite low (40cm-50cm) along the coast but are higher in the hinterland (50cm-70cm).


The Northern part of the District is made up of a degraded tropical semi-deciduous forest cover and the Southern part by savannah grassland.


The District is underlain by Birrimian rocks which consist of granites and phyllites. In the semi deciduous forest zone of the district, the soil type is loamy-sandy making the place suitable for arable farming. It supports the growth of several crops like pineapple, cassava, yam, maize and citrus among others. Soil found in the southern zone are characterised by clay with high salinity and therefore do not support the cultivation of many crops, but provides opportunities for ceramic and pottery industries.

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