Relevant Data

Location and Size

The Akwapim South District is located at the south eastern part of the Eastern Region of Ghana between latitudes 5.450N and 5.580N, and Longitudes 0.0W and covers a land area of about 224.13 kilometres square. It is bordered to the west by the Nsawam-Adoagyiri Municipality, to the south-east by the Kpone-Katamanso District, to the south by the Ga East District and to the North-East by the Akwapim North Municipality (Figure 1.1).

Climate and Rainfall Pattern

The weather condition in the district is generally cold with annual average temperature of 240 C, recorded between March and April, with the lowest temperature of 200C in August. The district lies within the semi-equatorial climatic region, and experiences two rainfall seasons in a year, with an average rainfall between 125cm and 200cm. The first raining season begins from May to June with the heaviest rainfall in June, whilst the second raining reason begins from September to October.

Vegetation and Soil

The relief of the district is generally categorized into two main zones. These are the Akuapem-Togo Ranges and the Accra Plains. The plains constitute a potential for irrigation and mechanized farming. The hills provide a good view of the Accra Plains which is an attractive site for tourism development and first class residential estate development. The forest covers about 90 percent of the district. Most of the plants shed their leaves between November and March. The geology of the district is mainly sedimentary rocks metamorphosed to quartzites, schist, shale and philate, forming the Akuapem – Togo ranges. Quarrying activities taking place at the foot of the ridge supply aggregates for the construction industry in the district and in Accra.


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