Analysis of the current water and sanitation in the district show that more effort is needed to meet the 85% water and sanitation coverage. On the basis of the National Community Water and Sanitation Standards of 600 people per Stand pipe, 350 persons per borehole and 150 persons per hand dug well, the district has achieved about 66% coverage with 34% of the population lacking access to potable water supply. With the projected population of 118,500 as at 2010, the district would have to increase investment in potable water supply by the provision of 67 Stand pipes or 115 boreholes or 268 hand dug wells to achieve one hundred percent potable water coverage as at 2010 and provide 40,290 people with safe water.

In the area of improved sanitation, the coverage of not more than 10% in the district implies that the District Assembly in collaboration with development partners would have to double its effort to meet the needs of about 90% of the people. About 300 household latrines and hundreds of Water Closet toilets are needed to meet the sanitation needs of the people. This should also include hygiene and environmental education to address the behavioural needs of the people especially in the area of open defecation.


Date Created : 11/24/2017 4:13:54 AM