Traditional Authority

The traditional authority, although perceived as anachronistic, it play a vital role in ensuring good governance especially in a transitional country‚Äôs like Ghana. With Nadowli being a typical rural district, the role of the chieftaincy institution in matters related to land, conflict resolution, revenue mobilization and the maintenance of law and order is far overriding. 

Ironically, the chieftaincy institution in the district is fraught with a myriad of problems that have in no small measure weakened its ability to perform its avowed functions. For instance, out of the   five (5) paramouncies in the district, only two is currently occupied due to intense chieftaincy disputes. This situation has constrained effective collaboration with traditional authorities in local governance. Efforts should   be made to resolve all the conflicts inherent in the chieftaincy institution   to enable it perform its avowed functions.


The major festivals celebrated in the Nadowli District are the Willaa, Sankana Kalibi and the Zenbenti Festivals. Except for the Wilaa, the others have been dormant for some time now. The revival of these festivals is very essential since as they create a forum for deliberations on key issues and finding solutions to problems affecting community development.

Date Created : 11/16/2017 1:35:43 AM