Akuapem North inaugurates District Circuit Court

The people of Mampong-Akuapem on Tuesday 30th January, 2023 witnessed an inauguration of a District Circuit Court in a mini-durbar at Mampong in Akuapem North Municipality.

Date Created : 2/2/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Samuel Y. Kumah/

Delivering his speech, the Chief Justice of Ghana, Justice Anim Yeboah said the Judiciary since the return to constitutional rule in 1992, had tried to decentralized the assess of justice in every nuke and cranny of the country in order to improve upon the traditional way of settling disputes to a more comprehensive assess of justice.

He was of the view that assess to justice is quite huge and cumbersome and therefore need pragmatic and tactfulness to enable everyone equal opportunity to patronize it.

Educating the house, he said access to justice is a basic human right and a chief means of defending all other constitutional guarantee rights and freedoms ensuring accountability of people’s actions and inactions in order to respect and protect human rights.


He also pointed out that much as the Judiciary is poised of working in every part of the country, it is faced with lack of physical infrastructure. He applauded the government responsiveness for the provision of a number of courts in the country currently.

He further advised the judicial fraternity that going forward; the working environment of the court must not only be conducive to productivity but also reflect the authority and dignity of the judiciary.

He also sounded a word of caution to the general public as he noted that the beauty of the edifice should not lead anyone into temptation to rush to the court at the least opportunity to seek redress less we over burden the Judges and Magistrates with the avoidable case lose and protracted litigations. He then called on all stakeholders to support the judiciary in its quest to administer justice resolution and delivery.

He thanked the President of the Republic in addressing the deplorable the deplorable state of the courts. He also mentioned the Local Government for its role. He finally called on the Municipal Assembly not to relax on its responsibilities to maintain and sustain the building and its equipment in good shape.

The Eastern Regional Minister, Seth Kwame Acheampong said personally, he was glad that a Circuit Court has been instituted closer to the people for them to access justice irrespective of individual’s status in society. He said this has been the priority and agenda of government to bring the courts to the doorstep of the people.

He said government has indeed huge task of embarking on developmental projects in the entire country, it needs the support of everyone to help achieve success especially in the area of justice to nip malfeasance in the bud.

He said it is government objective to build 100 courts across the length and breadth of the country. He therefore called on all stakeholders to support government in its quest to extend the project to other part of the nation. He stressed that the Judiciary is an embodiment of all courts in Ghana including traditional courts. However, it is the sole responsibility of government to integrate all laws of the land to ensure peace and order.

Again, he applauded the Chief Justice for the current decentralization dispensation in the country to bring justice to the districts. He then advised Nananom to own the courts by referring difficult cases to them for efficient adjudication.

Finally, he advised the people to put the court to good use by allowing justice to take its course.

He also advised the authorities of the court and the people to take good care of the building by practicing good maintenance culture so that the structure would stand the test of time.

The Queenmother of Mampong Nana Akua I was elated that the government had done the town a great honour by building such an edifice in Mampong. She was of the view that justice has now been brought closer to the people. She said previously, people at the rural area hustle a great deal to assess the law courts for justice but that headache has been shove-off now.

She also commended the Municipal Assembly for citing the court at the town. She said traditional chiefs in the area would do their bit to enable the court to carry out its mandate. She then appealed to the Chief Justice to do the Traditional Council a favour by handing over the old District Magistrate Court to the Mampong palace for settling its traditional disputes.

Putting the icing on the cake, the Chief Justice in the company of the Eastern Regional Minister cut a tape to set the Mampong Circuit Court dully opened with the court seating in a mock court procession.