Small scale tourism businesses in Ada call for financial support
Operators of small scale businesses within the tourism value chain in the Ada Traditional Area have called for financial support to expand and create jobs for a self-sustaining community.

Date Created : 9/26/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Patrick Ofoe Nudzi/Ghanadistricts.com

Weak financial strength and economic hardship, they said, had limited their growth and ability to take advantage of the tourism potentials within the enclave.

The operators said this in an interview during the commemoration of the World Tourism Day 2023 dubbed: "Tourism and Green Investments" at Ada in the Greater Accra Region.

The event saw tourists patronising local products exhibited at the Ada Business Resource Centre and durbar grounds.

The traditional area is endowed with natural attractions ranging from the beautiful palm-lined beaches, estuary islands to water sports like speed boats sailing, canoeing and surfing amongst others.

Miss Yvonne Adotey Adukwei, producer and trader of summer hearts, cups and dresses from local materials, said the government needed to invest in their businesses, give them financial and technical support.

"It will help expand our businesses and create more jobs for the youth. We also need a regular entrepreneurial workshop to sharpen our skills and take us to the standard we want to be," she said.

Miss Adukwei said tourism in Ada had been fun and could be the game changer for the local people and if the government, Assembly and the traditional authorities work to add more value, draw traffic to the Ada enclave.

Mr. Wormie Edo Yao, producer of locally manufactured bags with Ghanaian fabrics, said: "We need financial support. I use fabrics like GTP, ATL, High Target and Holland prints and these are expensive on the market because their prices keep increasing. The lowest prints cost Gh¢ 150 and highest cost Gh¢ 400."

"The fees, charges and taxes are having a toll on our businesses. We need incentives to cushion us. More often than not, I buy just one or three prints. With the required capital injection we would expand our businesses, get more modern machinery and seek to upgrade our technical know-how," he said

Mr. Edo Yao said sales were good on the exhibition days he made Gh¢ 600 and Gh¢ 1,000 on the second and third days respectively compared to the Gh¢ 200 had been making on normal days.

Miss Elizabeth Agblowu, producer of necklaces, anklets, earrings and bracelets with beads and other materials said they needed investments in all phases of their work.

"We keep saying tourism has the potential to create jobs and wealth for the youth but there are no support systems. We need the funds, regular exhibitions, at least on a quarterly basis within the Districts and beyond," she said.