Owusu optimistic of winning upcoming elections
The morning star Assemblyman in the Oda Municipality Samuel Owusu, also known as "KPOGAS," is confident about his chances of winning the upcoming elections scheduled for December 19, 2023.

Date Created : 11/27/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Irene Kwakye/

During an interview with, the Assemblyman expressed his belief that he has made significant contributions that warrant his re-election and emphasized the various measures he has taken to support the residents in his electoral area.

Mr. Owusu highlighted that recognizing the dire condition of traders that were being attacked by arm robbers at his area, he was able to mobilise and have a cleanup exercise to clear bushes and other hideouts that serve as safe haven for these robbers thereby ensuring safety of the traders.

He further said he has been able to construct a small bridge that was in a deplorable state, and due to funds given to them by their Member of parliament Hon. Alexander Akwasi Aquah, he has leveled a narrow way that has been left since ages, assisted individuals financially and facilitated skills training programs in his carpentry work for some of the youth.

He further said some roads posed danger to the community hence he invested his own funds to address this issue, ensuring the residents have access to a safe road.

He noted that the street lights in the area were malfunctioning and some areas completely lacking so he reached out to philanthropists for assistance in enhancing the lighting infrastructure and through his efforts, he was able to get some street lights for the community.

Mr. Owusu said he is poised to do more to ensure the needed development in his area, and therefore called on the people to retain him since he will not disappoint them.