Police Service

The Police Service is the only security institution in the district. The only Police Station is at Jacobu, the district capital. The station uses a rented house as office as well as residential accommodation for some officers. The accommodation situation is very precarious and needs utmost attention.

Similarly, the Police lack logistics. For instance there is no official vehicle neither do they have any modern communication gadgets. Low number of personnel coupled with lack of logistic support makes maintenance of peace and order extremely difficult. These are urgent needs that need urgent solutions

Areas marked for Police Posts are:

1.    Hia
2.    Mile 14
3.    Apitisu
4.    Numereso

Court System

There is no court in the district.  There is the need for the Judiciary Service to open a court in the district so that the people of this area will have access to justice.


Date Created : 11/16/2017 4:46:11 AM