Goeviwo festival begins with cleanup exercises in all communities
This year's Goeviwo festival begins with a cleanup exercise in all Goeviwo communities in the Volta region.

Date Created : 8/9/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Emmanuel Nyatsikor/Ghanadistricts.com

The communities are Adaklu Goefe, Adaklu Kodzobi, Goviefe, Woadze, Avee, Tsrukpe, Have and Kpele Goe in the Republic of Togo.

Goeviwo are said to be descendants of one Togbe Goe who after their migration from Notsie in the Republic of Togo settled at separate locations in the Volta region.

Mr. Matthew Wormenor, chairman of the festival planning committee, said despite the separation and distance between them, they were still united.

He noted that they used to celebrate a festival known as "Norvisi za" but it collapsed in 1954, but said they thought it wise to rekindle it and Christine it Goeviwo festival.

He said the aim of the festival was to unite the communities and raise funds for development.

It will be climaxed on Saturday, August 12, with a fundraising durbar and a thanksgiving service on Sunday.

According to Mr. Matthew Wormenor, Chairman of the festival planning committee, other activities lined up as part of the celebration were prayer night, candlelight processing, borborbor night, cultural displays, football gala and other indoor and outdoor games.

He said funds raised at the durbar would be given to the host community for its development projects.

The Chairman said they were working around the clock to bring other Goeviwo communities both in Ghana and Togo to their fold.

He told the Ghana News Agency that dignitaries invited to grace the durbar included Mr. John Dramani Mahama, former President of the Republic?of?Ghana.

The festival is on the theme: "Uniting for Development Through Festivals."