The Security situation in the Municipality is generally peaceful. The security agencies are made up of the Police, Military, Fire Service, Prisons etc. they form the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) which deals with security issues in the municipal area.

There are Neighborhood Watch Committees who complements the work of the Police Service to help abate crime. The introduction of the Community Police Assistance (CPA) module of the Ghana Police Service has tremendously improved security. Currently, over 150 pieces of sodium bulb and amour cable has been produced to improve security.

Nevertheless, there are yet minor criminal incidence such as thefts occurring especially in schools and individual households. These criminals are mainly the youth who embark on unlawful acts under the influence of drugs (tramadol and marijuana) and alcohol. The use of tramadol is very alarming and needs agent attention.

Despite being cited as a one of the stable and peaceful municipal, some communities like Suhyen and its surrounding communities are not devoid of chieftaincy disputes. Nonetheless, the frequency and intensity of the disputes are not so alarming. Another major security threat worth mentioning is the boundary disputes between New Juaben South and other neighboring Assemblies. The boundary disputes are negatively affecting the Assembly’s revenue mobilization and street naming and property numbering exercises.

Implication for Development- Security

Chieftaincy and boundary disputes as well as the rate of criminal activities cause insecurity. Investment decisions in the municipal area by investors would therefore be distorted. Boundary disputes become a threat zone for revenue collectors, hence unable to mobilise revenue needed for development.


Date Created : 3/27/2019 4:24:35 AM