The Municipal Administration

The Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly is the highest administrative and political authority in the Municipality. The Municipality was carved out of the Kete Krachi District and >v:as established by the Legislative Instrument No. I4v96-*o,f 10lh March 1989 under the PNDCL 207. The Municipal Assembly which is headed by the District Chief Executive has executive, deliberative and legislative powers.  The Assembly lias a membership of forty five (45) made up of thirty electoral areas and fifteen (15) government appointees. The Assembly, which is the highest legislative structure, is presided over by a Presiding Member. The Presiding Member is elected from among the Assembly members by two-thirds (%) majority of all Assembly members.

There is an Executive Committee of the Assembly, which is chaired by the District Chief Executive. The Executive committee performs the executive and co-ordinating functions of the Assembly. The membership of the executive committee is made up of one-third (’/*) of members of the Assembly.

The Sub-committees of the Assembly are:

  1.    Development Planning Sub-Committee
  2.     Works Sub-Committee
  3.     Environment Sub-Committee
  4.     Finance and Administration Sub-Committee 
  5.   Tutukpene/Kecheibi Area Council 

Date Created : 11/23/2017 7:01:50 AM