Location and size

The district is located in the south-eastern part of the Volta Region and has a land area of 314.15 square kilometres. It is bounded at the south by Akatsi South district and to the east by Ketu North district. The district is bounded at the west by Adaklu and Akatsi South districts. It also shares boundary with the Agortime-Ziope district and the Republic of Togo to the north.

 Climate and vegetation

The district lies in the coastal savannah equatorial climatic zone characterized by high temperatures (minimum 21oC and maximum 34.5oC), high relative humidity of 85 percent and a moderate-to-low rainfall regime of 1,084 millimetres with distinct wet and dry seasons of about seven months lengths. The vegetation of the district is coastal savannah in the south and savannah woodland in the north.


The district falls within different geological formations: the acidic gneiss belt forms 70 percent of the total land area, tertiary sand forms 25 percent and biomorphic acidic gneiss (a recent alluvial material) constitutes the remaining 5 percent. The acidic belt consists mainly of layered coarse to fine grained muscovite, biotitic, schist’s containing numerous quartz veins. There are outcrops of hegivine, angite and syndetic either as muselberg or shallow exposed surfaces all over these geological formations.



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