BEREKUM: Radio Presenter rescues 'innocent' murderer from being lynched

Had it not been the swift intervention by a Berekum based radio presenter who rushed to the gory scene of a mob action in the Zongo lane of Berekum in the Brong Ahafo Region, a young man, mistaken for a murderer might have been lynched instantaneously.

Date Created : 2/19/2018 7:08:17 AM : Story Author : Pius Agyemang/

The mob had been misinformed about the true identity of the real suspected murderer who had, hitherto, killed his father, stabbed him in cold blood, within the municipality and bolted away thereafter.

The presenter, Fada Divine Kusi of "Shalom Radio" [100.3 MHz], coincidentally bumped into a mob striving to tear the suspected murderer into pieces.

He mastered the vim and courageously stretched himself over his body on the ground repeatedly demanding: "Who can confidently say that this is the young man who killed his father," stated eyewitnesses and the presenter himself.

He disclosed further to that before he stretched himself over the victim, he had rescued him from being acidified as he blew away a corrosive chemical suspected to be a cell acid from being poured on him.

The substance of the case is that the victim, a chain-saw operator who had just returned from the bush, according to insiders, began to run away when he heard a strange voice and accusing fingers pointing at him from a strange man; "This is the Kwabena Enoch who killed his father ...."

This compelled the people to give him a wild chase. They arrested him within a short distance, floored him and, after finding a machete on his body, covered by his shirt, they tied his alms with a rubber string before they began to torment him.

Thanks to the timely intervention of the presenter, coupled with the remarks by some by-standers, "Hey! The man rescuing him is a Shalom FM Presenter. Would you mind softening your stance?" the victim heaved a sigh of relief when he was spared and loaded at the booth of a taxi cab and sent to the Berekum District charge office the same evening.

Upon deep search investigations, the suspect was exonerated and dicharged as it was blatantly discovered that he was not the suspected murderer in question.

In a related development, it would be recalled that a young drug addict, Kwabena Enoch, 25, was wanted for killing his own father at Zaab Zongo near Mpatabo in Berekum and took to his heels Wednesday.

He was the person mistaken for the chain-saw operator who was mistreated on Thursday. A day after the unfortunate instance meted out to the victim, Kwabena Enoch was gripped by a volunteering group and dragged to the same police station. He was identified to be the real suspect.

Although his physical condition, actions and speech depict a mentally-handicapped person, the police are critically examining the situation to probably arraign him before the law court to face the full rigours of the law.