Tom-Zendaagangn gets new school blocks

Tom-Zendaagangn is one of the highly populated communities in the Nandom Municipality of the Upper West Region. The people in this part of the Municipality are predominantly peasant farmers.

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Lack of classrooms for Kindergarten pupils had been a serious challenge to the community. This compelled the children to learn under trees. Studying under trees is something considered a thing of the past in this modern era however, it is very common in our part of the world. We still have lots of students in some villages studying under trees in this twenty-first (21st) century.

The people of Tom-Zendaagangn had a great sigh of relief when a two(2) unit Kindergarten block was handed over to them by Germany Sponsors. This indeed, puts an unending smiles on the faces of all the community members. One could see the excitement and gratefulness beaming from their faces. The joy of seeing their children learning in a condusive environment is what they yearned for a long time.

This whole project is the brainchild of the caring and visionary Very Rev. Dr. Fr. Eugene Suom-Dery. The projects which started in 2018, has been completed and handed over on 28th June, 2021. Before its completion, a close supervision and monitoring was done by Most Rev. Bishop Richard Kuuia Baawobr. The funds for the project were sent through the Diocese's account control by him.
The two units KG blocks comprise office and store, kitchen and store, three seater toilet and two urinals.

Again, a thirty-two(32) hexagonal tables and one-hundred and ninety-two(192) chairs were also part of the package funded by the benefactors in Germany.

Furthermore, the community also received three sets of teachers' tables and chairs funded by Mrs. Maria Eva Coronelli a benefactor in Italy.

Very Rev. Fr. Eugene Suom-Dery also sponsored the children's play equipment.

The Girl child officer cum KG coordinator, madam Zuolo Gladys, equally donated some materials which includes exercise books to the KG pupils on behalf of the municipal education director.

In spite of all these successes chalked, the school still have some challenges that need to be addressed urgently.
The classrooms are not wired for lights to be connected. The effect of this is that e-learning is practically impossible for the pupils.
Again, the school needs Early Childhood Trained Teachers to handle the pupils appropriately.

Cupboards to safely store teaching and learning materials are lacking. Last but not least, teaching and learning materials are inadequate. The community calls on other benevolents, philanthropists and stakeholders to come to their aid with regard to the above challenges.

The occasion was graced by Most Rev. Bishop Richard Kuuia Baawobr, Very Rev. Fr. Eugene Suom-Dery and Dr. Richard Beyogle.
The facility and its ancillaries were handed over to the Education Directorate.

The Assistant Director in charge of planning, Mathew Besuor received them on behalf of the Municipal Education Directorate.
He subsequently handed them over to the Headteacher of Tom-Zendaagangn school, Madam Janet Aabule for official use.
All the projects were coordinated by a very credible local project coordinator, Abaare Ib-Kuu, the former Assemblyman of the electoral area.