Ga Central Assembly commits 40 percent of resources into tackling floods
The Ga Central Municipal Assembly has committed 40 percent of its resources into tackling floods and flood related issues.

Date Created : 7/28/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Dominic Shirimori/Ghanadistricts.com

The Municipal Chief Executive, Bashiru Mohammed Kamara said, the topography of the Municipality put it at a disadvantage situation as it turns to receive all the flow of water from adjoining municipalities.

"Our Municipality is more or less like a valley or basin. All the adjoining municipalities; the topography is such that they sloop into our municipality; so we are at the receiving ends of most of the running water especially when it rains.

For that matter, we have committed 40 percent of our resources by way of revenue into solving flood and flood related problems; including dredging, desilting, construction of culverts, spots improvement of roads among others".

This, he said, requires that a lot of work has to be done to control flood to save lives and properties.

The MCE, however, did not mince words in attributing some of the flood situation to human activities, including building on water ways and unauthorized places and warned the public that the Assembly would not condone any wrong doing; instead would use the tool available to it including demolishing such structures.

He affirmed that they would not allow the actions or inactions of few individuals or groups to jeopardize the lives and properties of the larger population.

According to him, the Assembly is currently battling a situation like that at Lane 5 in court. "They have built in the watercourse such that they have redirected the watercourse to the extent that it is now in the shape of U". This he said results in flooding, and the Assembly is only waiting for the court's ruling to carry out its mandate.