NADOWLI: Put politics aside and embrace government policies - MOFA Director
The Nadowli – Kaleo District Director, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Mr Cephas D. Emmong, has called on Ghanaians and farmers in the district to put aside their political affiliations and embrace initiatives from government to boost the agricultural sector.

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Mr Cephas in an interview with in Nadowli said the programe is doing well in the district. He also expressed hope that the programme will improve food insecurity and income levels of farmers.

Mr. Cephas started that, the programme is the basis for answer to the twin-problem of migration of youth to city centres in search of non-existent jobs, as well as an end to the disgraceful spectacle of Ghana importing food stuffs from neighboring countries.

He emphasized that, Planting for Food and Jobs, will be anchored on the pillars that will transform Ghanaian agriculture: the provision of improved seeds, the supply of fertilizers, the provision of dedicated extension services, a marketing strategy and the use of e-Agriculture.

“The Planting for Food and Jobs programme was expected to increase the production of maize by 30 per cent; rice by 49 per cent; soybean by 25 per cent; and sorghum by 28 per cent from current production levels.

Mr. Cephas D. Emmong however entreated beneficiary farmers under the Planting for Food and Job Programme in the district to pay back their debts on time.