Ga Central MCE urges youth to participate in catfish farming
Mr Mohammed Bashiru Kamara, a catfish farmer and Municipal Chief Executive for Ga Central Assembly, has said that catfish farming has a lot of projections as its consumption is on the increase in Ghana.

Date Created : 10/2/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Yeboah

He said in recent times, demands for catfish had increased sharply with some orders exceeding in the country.

Speaking on Akuafo Mmere programe on Ghanadistricts TV, Mr. Bashiru Kamara stated that apart from providing jobs for the crowded unemployed youth, catfish farming also had the potential of meeting the nutritional needs of the country.

He indicated that catfish farming could be done in pools built with cement blocks, tarpaulin pools, as well as dugouts as they could easily survive in such areas compared to tilapias which are sensitive. And with about 10,000 one could have a large tarpaulin pool, about 1,000 juvenile catfishes, and many sizes of feed to start a fish farm.

Mr Mohammed Bashiru Kamara urged the youth who are graduates, who could not find any public sector job after completing the university especially those in his Municipality to venture into catfish farming which the Municipal Assembly has introduced some initiative to help the youth who are interested in catfish rearing.