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Hon. Peter Anaafi

The population per house is high, between seven and 10 people in 13 districts and exceeds the regional average of 11 people in four other districts.

Compound and separate houses are predominant in all the districts. While a high proportion of the population in the districts, particularly those in rural areas, own the dwelling units they live in, the proportion of households living in rented dwelling units is also relatively high, in districts with a high urban population.

Apart from the Kumasi metropolis, a high proportion, over 30.0 percent, of households in the districts, do not have access to potable water. Public toilets and pit latrines are commonly used.

Between 66.6 and 87.1 per cent of households dispose of solid waste using public dumps. Solid waste is also disposed of by either throwing it on the street (14.2%to 62.6%) on the compound (18.0% to 45.9%) or into the gutter (59-58.7%). Wood and charcoal are the two main sources of fuel for cooking, used by over 70.0 per cent of households in the districts.

Kerosene is the main source of fuel used for lighting in 15 of the 18 districts. The other three districts, Kumasi metropolis (88.4%), Adansi West (61.3%) and Kwabre (53.1%), use mainly electricity. Kumasi is the regional and district capital, Adansi West has Obuasi, the home of Ashanti Goldfelds and the adjourning urban centres, and Kwabre is initially a spillover district of the Kumasi metropolis.

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