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AOWIN: Climate change workshop ends

Aowin DCE   

A three-day sensitisation workshop organised for climate change awareness clubs in the two senior high schools and a college of education both in the Aowin and Suaman Districts in the Western Region has ended.

The workshop was aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills on global warming to enable them educate the general public on its effect on the environment.

The Desk Officer for climate change and budget analyst for both Aowin and Suaman districts Mr.E.T. Atsu giving a lecture said global warming was caused by factors like massive volcanic eruptions, which increases the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leading to the intensity of energy emitted by the sun and variations in earth’s position relative to the sun.

He said global warming usually increases the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, oceans and landmasses.

“Changes such as  melting mountain, glaciers and polarice, rising sea level, more intense and longer droughts, more intense storms, more frequent heat waves and changes in the cycles of many plants and animals take place around the world during these times,” he added.

According to him, controlling global warming would require fundamental change in energy production, transportation, industry, government policies and development around the world.

“The change today is managing the impacts that cannot be avoided while taking steps to prevent more severe impacts in future and reducing emmissions of greenhouse gases is a necessary strategy for controlling global warming,”he said.

A Facilitator who doubles as the District Environmental Health Officer for Aowin, Mr.J.A. Frimpong said local research done on climate change reports that rapid growth in population proves uncertainty in the climate hence the need to grow more crops to reduce the effects.

Master Emmanuel Gyemfi, the Vice President of Climate Change Awareness Club, Brentu Senior/Tech branch was very grateful to Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Japanese Embassy and the Aowin and Suaman District Assemblies for imparting in them such knowledge.

He therefore tasked his colleague club members to be ambassadors of change and create more awareness on global warming in the communities they find themselves.

Wise Zah/Godwin Allotey Akweiteh/Ghanadistricts.com

Posted: 15-Nov
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