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Good Governance

District Assembly: Functions And Structure
By law, Jasikan District Assembly constitutes the highest political and administrative authority in the district (Local Government Act 1993, Act 462). The District Assembly ensures the over all development of its territorial jurisdiction, promote and support productive activity and social development and initiate programmes for the development of basic infrastructure.

It is also charged with the task of programme formulation, budget preparation and promotion of the development activities within the district An Executive Committee chaired by the District Chief Executive (DCE) performs the day-today executive and administrative functions of the district. The Executive Committee operates through five statutory Sub-committees. These sub-committees help the Assembly in various decision making process. They are responsibly for deliberation on specific issues and submitting recommendations to the Executive Committee. These sub committees are the following:
  • Development Planning
  • Works
  • Finance and Administration
  • Justice and Security
  • Social Services
The district Assembly is also enjoined to set up an Advisory Tender committee to advise the Assembly on matters concerning award of contract in the district. Besides these statutory committees the law permits the constitution of additional sub-committees as the DA may deem it appropriate to aid in the effective functioning of the district Assembly.

Thus other subsidiary committees found in the Jasikan District Assembly included:
  1. Environmental Management
  2. Disaster Management
  3. District Water and Sanitation
  4. Statutory planning
  5. Education Oversight Committee (DEOC)
  6. District Security Committee
  7. Public Relation and Complains
The Office of the District Assembly represents the Secretariat of the District and it is established to provide Secretarial and Advisory Service to the Executive Committee on Planning. Programming and Budgeting. The Secretariat operates through district but inter-related units. The Jasikan District Assembly also has Central Administrative Department where day-to day administrative decisions are taken.

Apart form these major section s of the administration the Assembly has the following decentralized department. Those relevant to the district are listed below:
  • Education, Youth and Sports Department
  • District Health Department
  • Agriculture Department
  • Physical Planning Department
  • Natural Resources Conservation Department, Forestry Game & Wild life Division
  • Social Welfare & Community Development Department
  • Finance Department
  • Works Department
  • Statistical service (one officer)
There are also some non-decentralized agencies in the district
These are:
1.    The Ghana Policy Service
2.    Internal Revenue Service
3.    Electricity Company Of Ghana
4.    Ghana Water Company Ltd
5.    The Electoral Commission
6.    National Commission For Civic Education
7.    Commission on Human Rights And Administration Justice
8.    Land Valuation Board
9.    Labour Department
10.  Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd
11.  Ghana Library Board
12.  Information Services Department
13.  Ghana National Fire Service
14.  National Youth Council
15.  Audit Service
16.  Centre For National Culture
17.  Asubonten Rural Bank (Worawora)
18.  NBSSI
19.  Youth and Employment co-ordinating Unit

Political Structure
The Jasikan District Assembly is demarcated into 48 electoral areas. The membership of the Assembly consists of 48 elected members 21 government appointees, the two members of parliament represting the two constituencies, the district Chief Executive. The district is divided into three Town and seven Area Councils with a total of one hundred and ninety-two (192) Unit Committees. The Town and Areas Councils with their capital towns are stated below

Councils                             Capital
  • Jasikan                  Jasikan
  • Kwamekrom         Kwamekrom
  •  Worawora             Worawora
  • Konsu-Ovi              Okadjakrom
  • Buem Ntente         Bodada
  • Buem Kator            New Ayoma
  • Tapa                        Abotoase
  •  Nkonya                  Nkonya Ahenkro
  • Bowiri                     Amanfrom
  • Apesokubi             Apesokubi

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