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financial institutions

Few commercial banks are in operation within the district. The Ghana Commercial Bank operates at Jasikan. The North Volta Rural Bank with its headquarters at Guaman has agencies at Jasikan and New Ayoma while the Asubonten Rural Bank, headquartered at Worawora has an agency at Abotoase. Kwamekrom also plays host to the Agricultural Development Bank.

In addition these banks offering normal banking services, they provide excellent opportunity for the mobilisation of rural savings and the extension of credit to farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs, thereby serving as catalysts to energize the economy of the district.

 Economic And Financial Services
There are number economic and financial services available in the district. These include a number of postal offices and postal agencies in Jasikan, Nkonya Ahenkro, Worawora, Kute, Kwamekrom, Tapa Abotoase, Guaman, Old Baika and Old Ayoma. Banking facilities namely Ghana Commercial Bank at Jasikan, Agricultural Development Bank at Kwamekrom, and Rural Banks a Jasikan, Guaman, Abotoase, Worawora and New Ayoma. These banks offer the opportunity to mobilize rural savings and to provide credit to farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs hence serving as catalyst to move the district economy.  There are also petrol filling stations at Jasikan, Kwamekrom and Abotoase that facilitate the transport industry in the district.

 Development Problems
•    Poor drainage system in many of the major towns
•    Improver disposal of solid and liquid waste
•    Excessive erosion in the more hilly areas
•    Inadequate water supply

By law a District Assembly is a rating authority for the district and that no authority other than the Assembly shall, notwithstanding any customary law to the contrary, have powers to make or levy rates in the district. The major sources of revenue to the district are:
  • Income generated from Rates, Land, Fees and Fines, licenses, rents, Investment and miscellaneous items, which constitute Internally Generated Fund (IGF) these sources of revenue, have been dwindling and it is accounting for less than 20% of total revenue to the Assembly
  • Central Government grant in the form as salaries, ceded revenue, the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF), Highly Indebted Poor Country(HIPC) initiative fund and the Ghana Education trust Fund(GETFUND)
  • Donor funds international Development Agency (DANIDA), American Government (USAID), the German Government (FORUM) project, and the European Union Micro Project Fund.
The IGF over the years is being used by the Assembly to run its recurrent expenditure. The Central Government grant and donor funs therefore account for over 80% of the district sources of revenue.

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