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The People

The people in the district are multi-ethnic with Buem, Nkonya, and Bowiri in the majority. There is also an Akan enclave at the western and northern parts of the district dominated by the people of Worawora Tapa and Apesokubi. Apart from these major ethnic groups, there are migrant settlers of Ewe, Fanti, Ada and Ningo origin. Interspersed with these people is a large army of Kotokoli, Hausa and Bassari. The main occupations are farming and fishing.

Belief Systems/Religions
Three religions generally dominate the district. These are the Traditional, the Christian and Islamic religions. The traditional system is characterized by the worship of deities which is epitomised in the establishment of the shrines and other forms of occultism. This traditional religion is deep rooted in the traditional towns and it is believed that these deities protect the life of the people in the district.  An example is the “Ussefu” shrine in Jasikan township.

Christianity has since the 19th Century gained firm ground in the district as many people, especially, the youth are breaking away from the traditional system to Christianity. Virtually, in every settlement in the district are found Christian organisations. These is also a spread of the Islamic religion across the district and it is evident in the Moslem settlements called the "Zongos", normally located at the outskirts of the towns where they are found .

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