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Tourism Attractions

Jasikan District tourism potentials have largely been untapped.  Unfortunately, the district lacks the much needed data on the sector such as data on the rich cultural and traditional festivals. Among the natural attractions are the climate, mountains and other natural features and scenic beauty which together provide a broad base for the development of eco-tourism, recreation and various types of resorts. The District has quite a number of interesting places like “crater lake” at Bodada and a cave at Ketsi Nkwanta, which have the potential for serving as major tourist spots.  A number of festivals like Lilubodi and Banyangute Limeyi are celebrated by different traditional areas at different times and they are major tourism activities. All the traditional areas come together annually to celebrate one festival known as the Buem Congress.

Similarly, there are several traditional healing centres, which provide intriguing insights into the power and workings of traditional, alternative medicine. There is also a monkey sanctuary at Konklobi by Nkonya Ntumde, which ranks as one of the best in the country. Artisans in Jasikan District are remarkably adept at producing handicrafts, which serve as unique souvenirs to tourists.

Also, the Volta Lake provides the opportunity for water sports and soothing lakeside relaxation. The district also plays host to annual Yam Festivals in each of its five traditional areas. One is hosted by the Buems, while the Akwantutenten Festival is held at Worawora and Frikosoo Festival is celebrated by the Tapas. Both Nkonya and Bowiri towns also celebrate Yam Festivals each year.

At Nkonya Bumbula can be found the tomb of an unknown German, most probably, an early missionary. Artisans in the district are adept at producing handicrafts that serve as unique souvenirs to tourists. Also, the Volta Lake provides the opportunity for the development of water sports and soothing lakeside relaxation resorts.

Tourism Development
Project Objective Location Target Groups Collaborating Agencies
Festival Development and Programming i.To develop regal and ancestral displays as a means of projecting the cultural diversity in the district
ii. To create employment and generate income
The seats of all traditional areas
Paramount chiefs of all traditional areas GTB
Development of Village and Adventure Tourism i. To develop a visiting package of mountain sites, caves, waterfalls, and ancestral sites for adventure tourists at zonal and village levels.
ii. To
create employment and generate income
As outlined under important Natural Features. Towns/villages with such assets

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