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Services And  Facilities

Road Transport
The road network in the district in general is good. Out of a total road length of 258.1 km, 60km are tarred. The tarred roads include; Hohoe-Jasikan-Kadjebi road, Jasikan-Worawora and the ongoing highway linking Kpando through Nkonya, Worawora to Dambai. All other roads are classified as feeder roads. The district feeder road network of 199.1 km is fairly distributed over the with 50% classified as good and regularly maintained, 30% as fair and 20% very bad.

Water Transport
The Volta Lake supplements the road transportation system in the district. This waterway facilitates commercial activities and serves as a major link between the district and the Afram Plains (Eastern Region), Sene District (Brong-Ahafo Region), Krachi East and West and Kpando Districts (Volta Region). Though this system holds much potential for the district, there has not been much conscious effort to develop the sector in terms of optimum use and safety for the numerous users.

Mechanised boreholes are used by some communities, while other serviceable boreholes, supplied by DANIDA, are enjoyed by other communities. Another 80 communities have applied to be part of DANIDA’s rural water scheme but are yet to be supplied. The district has two hospitals, five health centres, six health posts and 12 static clinics. In terms of medical personnel, there are two doctors, 84 nurses and a 54-member staff for the Environmental Health Department.

The positioning of the district with respect to the two major roads and the waterway, linking the South Eastern part of the country to the Northern and Upper East Regions is very unique. It facilitates the business of the investor and the tour of the adventurer and this potential needs to be further exploited and developed.

Energy/Power Supply
Energy supply in the district is evenly distributed with over 80% of the settlements in the district connected tot he national electricity grid through a s ingle-phase system. This has been a disincentive to rapid development. However, major efforts are underway to improve the situation. There is currently an on-going project to upgrade the facility to a 3-phase to guarantee adequate and reliable source of power for industrial and domestic use.

Postal Services
The Ghana Postal Service has its district office in Jasikan and agencies in Nkonya Ahenkro, Worawora, Kute, Kwamekrom, Tapa Abotoase, Guaman, Old Baika, and Old Ayoma. The Jasikan office is hooked on to the courier service - Expedited Mail Service (EMS) and the Instant Money Transfer (IMT) service.

The district capital, Jasikan, is hooked on to the areeba GSM network while the Ghana Telecom has extended analogue lines to the town. Other network operators have sought licences to establish their businesses in the district.

Apart from the decentralized departments run by the District Assembly in the day-to-day administration of the district, there are several non-decentralised departments of the central government of the country, operating in Jasikan District. These are: Ghana Police Service, Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation, the Audit Service, The Internal Revenue Service and The National Commission of Civic Education.

Five of the district’s major towns - Jasikan, Nkonya Ahenkro, Worawora and Kwamekrom
enjoy pipe borne water while the other major communities enjoy gravity water system. Some communities use mechanised boreholes, while others enjoy other serviceable
boreholes, supplied by DANIDA.

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