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Economic activity

The Municipal Assembly benefited from ILO Ghana Decent Work Pilot Programme from 2002-2005. 

The Assembly through its sub-committee on Productive and Gainful Employment continue to pursue the programme objectives to contribute to the reduction of poverty in the Municipality by addressing Decent Work deficits in Micro and Small Enterprises in the informal economy and by enhancing the employability of low-income women, men and the youth in particular.

A large and rapidly growing number of poor are engaged in survivalist informal activities in the Municipality.  Self employed women are one of the most affected segments of the population for many people in the Municipality the informal economy has turned into a poverty trap; very low productivity results in very low and instable incomes.

Table 5.1 shows the distribution of population 15 years and older by sex, age and activity status in the Municipality.

The proportion of persons who are engage in employment constitute Forty-Nine Percent (49.1%). The proportion of the population who are unemployed constitutes Fifty-Two percent (52.4%).

The proportion of persons who self employed without employees is Fifty-Six percent (56.5%) with Forty percent of whom are males and Sixty-eight percent (68.6) females.

Those who are self employed with employees constitutes Five percent (5.4%) with Seven percent males and four percent (4%) females.

1. The informal sector employs a large proportion (56%) of the    population in the Municipality
2. Sixty-Nine percent (68.6%) of the self employed are females; thus
women dominate the informal sector.
3. Unemployment among the economically active population is Fifty-Two percent (52.4%) in the Municipality
4. There is large economically active segment of the population
5. The informal sector is dominated by small business enterprises

1. Promote skill/apprenticeship progarmme
2. Promote small business enterprises ( Capacity building)
3.Facilitate the implementation of Ghana Youth EmploymentDevelopment Agenda (rollout skill development modules)
4. Construction of business enclaves (e.g abattoir, lorry parks, industrial park etc)
5. Provide one-stop-shop business advisory center
6. Facilitate credit acquisition
7. Organize Small Business Enterprises into Small Business Association
8. Construction of Rural Technology Facility (RTF)

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