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development goals & focus

Development Proposals
In formulating the development focus, goals, themes, scenarios and the development framework for this 2006-2009 Medium Term Development Plan, population projection has been used as the basis for food and infrastructure requirement forecasts. This has been done to help formulate priority major policy and project interventions in terms of economic, social, environmental and spatial development since the Assembly cannot tackle all its development problems within the plan period.

The development focus, goal, and objectives therefore constitute the prioritized vision and aspirations of the people of Atwima Mponua District Assembly and define the District Development Plan for 2006-2009.

The district goals have been harmonized with the national development priorities expressed in the GROWTH AND POVERTY REDUCTION STRATEGY- II (GPRS-II) document and other development policy documents of the second term Government of the New Patriotic Party to ensure that they are compatible with national aspirations and targets as well as those of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations which Ghana has subscribed to.

District Development Focus
A development focus is an aggregation of a set of identified goals and objectives as an entity and indicates the areas the District will direct development emphasis. They represent the issues to be tackled for development and are multi sector in nature. They are derived by grouping operational/technical goals on the basis of purpose and supportiveness as the main focus for the future.
Through a harmonization of the national and district goals the following development focus were formulated:
  • Ensuring a strong and diversified local economy in the District.
  • Ensuring the availability of basic services and needs
  • Promotion of human resource development and employment generation
  • Maintaining ecological balance
  • Promotion of functional linkages of development activities
  • Strengthening district development and capacity building.
The above district development focus were worked on at the prioritization and goal setting workshop and subsequently summarized as: ‘to improve the quality of life and economic opportunities through effective and efficient mobilization of resources and use to improve socio-economic and technical infrastructure, production and security of the people in the District’.

District Goals
The following district goals were derived from the various community needs socio-economic survey, the POCC Analysis, the prioritization and Goal Setting Workshop.


Modernized Agriculture:
  • To improve agric production through improved technology use, access to inputs and credit and extension services.
Support Services:
  • To improving technical and economic infrastructure to support growth.
Development of Additional Sector to Support Growth:
  • To increasing economic opportunities through diversification of agric production for employment generation.
Human Resources Development:
  • Ensuring sustained improvement in the quality of life through enhanced access to basic services and facilities.
Good Governance and Civic Responsibility:
•    To enhancing local governance, civil society participation and safety.

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