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Vulnerability analysis is crucial for human resource development.  Information from such analysis helps to adopt policies to address the problems of the vulnerable groups.  The vulnerables include children, women, people with disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans.


Rehabilitation Centres:- 
There are two rehabilitation centres at New Offinso and Nkenkaasu which offer training for the physically challenged in employable skills (ie shoemaking, dressmaking carpentry etc).

The Assembly offers support to these centres.  The Assembly is presently constructing a dormitory block for the Disable Rehabilitation centre at Nkenkaasu. There is also an orphanage centre at Offinso which offers support to the orphans to acquire basic education.

Youth Employment Programme:- 
Under the Youth Employment Programme of the Ministry of Manpower Youth and Employment, about 500 people are to benefit from the programme.  Currently about 250 unemployed youth have been appointed as teaching assistants, sanitation aids, nursing assistants, community protectors.

The Micro-financing institutions e.g. Sinapi Aba Trust, the Rural Banks and the MA are supporting women groups in the Municipality to acquire loans to expand their businesses.

Children’s right/civic responsibilities:- 
The Social Welfare, the MA, National Commission on Civic Education have been educating parents and the society on children rights and their civic responsibilities.

There are other institutions like the Law Courts, CHRAJ, Traditional Authority and the Police which are ensuring the rights of the people.

Sponsorshiop Programmes:- 
The Municipal Directorate of Education has been organizing special programmes for the vulnerable.  An example, to the promotion of girl child education.

The Muncipal Assembly provides financial support to ready but brilliant students in basic and second-cycle schools.  It also sponsors teacher and nurses trainees to assist the teachers and the nurses in the deprived areas.

Poverty Alleviation:- 
In 2005, Under the Poverty Alleviation Programme,  provided support to the rural farmers in the form of farm inputs i.e. 800,000 seedlings comprising cocoa, citrus and oil palm at a subsidized fee.

Key Development Problems
  • Inadequate rehabilitation centres for the disabled
  •  Inadequate financial support for the rural disadvantaged women.
  •  Inadequate accommodation for both student and staff at the rehabilitation centres.
  •  Inadequate basic tools and materials for the students at the rehabilitation centres.
  •  Low access to credit.

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